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Here are our new Prefects, Head Boy, and Quidditch Captains, please welcome them.

Kim Kibum, Ravenclaw's Prefect
Nishikido Ryo, Slytherin's Quidditch Captain
Akanishi Jin, Hufflepuff's Quidditch Captain
Jung Jihoon, Gryffindor's Head Boy

Gryffindor still needs at least one Prefect.

Quidditch Season
All the Captains need to fill out their team's positions, through either by recruiting, or tryouts. Methods are up to the Captain. The Captains themselves fill one of those positions.

1 Keeper
2 Beaters
3 Chasers
1 Seeker

Quidditch Season will be coming soon, so please be prepared, and begin practices.

The Weekend Quill
The name is a work in progress... but Hogwarts has its very own student-run "newsletter", which would be posted on the school board every weekend. Here are some positions needed to be filled. This is considered extra-curricular.

Head Chief: 1
Vice-chief: 1
Editors: ?
Photographers: ?
Reporters/writers: unlimited

The content to be placed in the newsletter is completely up to the students, main goal being it garners interest, and is student life related.

Comment here if you're interested in joining "The Quill".

Members would also need to think up of a better name..
03 June 2009 @ 09:22 pm
Friendly match, my mates! As organized by Kwon Yuri, a.k.a Quidditch Queen. It'll be at the pitch, today. About a few hours before dinner time! I'll be there and waiting to crush some ego, kids! Who's game?

List of Competitors

The Quidditch King
Ogata Hiroto
Kim Taeyeonnie (Yuri's <3 dongsaeng)
Kim Junsu (Yuri's <3 supet! :D)
Jessica (Jung Sooyeon)
Kim Jaekyoung (Eli)
03 June 2009 @ 12:23 am
Ey yo, Kim Jae Kyoung here. You can call me Jae or Eli for short, I don't really care. I don't know where Eli came from either, so don't bother askin'. I'm a 5th year in the Gryffindor house. I'll be takin' care of magical creatures, ancient runes, and basic healin'. I'm also in quidditch and charms. Noticed there ain't many in--nevermind. Goin' to end my introduction short here.

Feel like talkin', hit me up at #grahTAH

conserve water everyone
03 June 2009 @ 03:11 am
The name is Ok Taekyeon. You can call me Taek for short if you want.
Oppa to all my lovely juniors which is a majority of you since I'm a Sixth Year.
In Ravenclaw, questioning my placement but not all that unhappy with it.

I'm taking Ancient Runes and Arithmancy.
I'm also in the Quidditch and Duelling Club.

Heard that Arithmancy will give us a little trouble so if you want to study together, contact me on my journal or at #oktaekyeon. I'll add a picture so you'll be able to recognize me.

P.S. I want to eat soondae and I should empty out my garbage disposal. :D
03 June 2009 @ 02:15 pm
The name is Kwon Yuri, 6th year Gryffindor, oldest Gryffindor girl so far, so don't mess around with me.

I am The Quidditch Queen. Beware of me when I'm on a broomstick and in the air, kids. I train everyday, rain or shine (hail or not). I intend to go pro when I graduate, but I'm not so concerned about that now. I'm pretty skilled in hexes and other dangerous spells (thanks Mom and Dad) so you really don't want to get on my bad side, which is also not that easy anyway. I'm actually a pretty nice and friendly person, really. Trust me.

But then again, I can also be very shocking.

Either way, I'm full of surprises. You're welcomed to find out what they are! :D

And no, I don't hate Slytherins. I just hate cowardly people. So if you're Slytherin and cowardly, I probably dislike you for the latter and not the former. I don't judge people according to their houses.

Oh and, if you need me for a Quidditch match or for notes or anything under the sun, you can look for me at the Quidditch pitch or the library. I only go back to the common room 5 minutes before curfew and I'm only anywhere else during classes or food times. Yeeeeeh food times! :D If I'm nowhere in sight, you can throw me a message via owl.

(or you can pop me a message at # spideryfingers)

(ooc PS; everyone must have added an account called spideryfingers on LJ. It was a minor mistake made by the mods I think, you guys should really actually be adding kaleidoskopic)

Okay, I'm out! :D

02 June 2009 @ 08:27 pm
I wonder if this whole intro thing is reaaaally necessary?

I suppose so~

I'm Kamenashi Kazuya~
5th year Slytherin.

Um~ There's nothing else that I want to say so I'll just end it here.

You can reach me at

# boku no kizuna !
02 June 2009 @ 07:29 pm
Because I am awesome like that and I am too lazy to go look for every single other Slytherin out there that I need to track down:

Behold! 'Tis I, the great Supreme T known as Tablo, the 6th year Slytherin prefect. Fellow Slytherins, please to be commenting to my journal post or you can sleep outside in the dungeons of the common room for you shall be password-less. (: Get it? Got it? Good. Or maybe I won't give it to those people that irked me just a bit since they got on my bad side.

If I catch you out after curfew you will be owned by me for a day. Literally. Unless you all can manage to do something that otherwise changes my mind. Like appealing to my happy side. (: My word is nearly the law, yo and points are my iron fist along with anything else I feel in the mood to subject you with.

For those in need of your senior's advice, write to oneveryasian and if you are my loveable dongsaengs you will get my advice free with no strings attached. (: Other people will get strings of various length and width depending on my mood.

Good day!
02 June 2009 @ 07:00 pm
Sunny and HyunJoong were quiet exited about their super idea called "Hogwarts' idol". Everything had started, when they had met in the Ravenclaw tower, talking about their prefect Jessica and that she definitely would win an idol contest, if there ever would be on at Hogwarts.
Starting to write their ideas on paper, Sunny and HyunJoong decided, that the rest of the school should know about their awesome idea, so the captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team pinned the paper on the school board.

And the paper says:

Hogwarts' idol
Searching for:
Talented students, with an awesome voice and looks - just like a celebrity


4 Auditions in the 4 houses

followed by 10 theme-shows

The jury:

Lee Sunkyu and Kim HyunJoong

ImPOrtANT: JUng JessICa WINNER!!!!!!

Current Mood: chipperchipper
02 June 2009 @ 10:12 pm

Hello, my name is Kim Kyujong, I'm a 5th year Hufflepuff and the said House's prefect, and! I love food. And I am really, really nice. :D

Also, I may look like an innocent little kid, someone who wouldn't take responsibility, and all I ever care to do is play and stuff, but don't be fooled. I play hard, and I work hard. I also always go by the rules, and I often get teased about that, but that's not really a bad thing, right? right? I have a pet owl named Youngsaeng that's going to be my messenger owl someday because it's still a baby right now. I also have a pet goldfish back home, and it's name is also Youngsaeng, and it's being taken care of by my parents who're Muggles, but that's a different story right there. :0

Um, I guess that's it. :) You can reach me at #kyuccentric, or at my journal, and I am always, always free for Chocolate pudding. :DD

PS. To all the Hufflepuffs out there, please do stay inside the dorms during and after 1OPM. (chuckles) Just saying. :)
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02 June 2009 @ 01:53 pm

Hii! Name's Kim Taeyeon, Gryffindor's resident prankster:) Though I'm a 4th year, I'll bite you if you hurt me :3

Because food is the universal language.

I LOVE EATING, and if you do, come hit me up at #taeyeonnie !

And...I'm the only Gryffindor girl so far? It's going to get boring D: Will someone play Quidditch with me?
Meanwhile I'll just be in my room, playing with Hooker, my pet/messenger owl (he bites, too)

PS. taeyeonnie andtaekyeonnie  *gasps* DUPLICATES! 
My journal is not to be confused with Taekyeon's. I swear, we're like...almost name-twins or something!