Hi-hi! ♥

Everyone! Hello, my name is Park Jiyeon, and I come from the brave and the mighty Gryffindors! :DD I am in my 4th year right now, but I advise you never to look down on me because I can do things you won't even think me capable of. :3 Um, I love bouncing and skipping everywhere, I love food, cooking for people, little cute stuffies, and giving everyone happy! free hugs ( except Professor Snape. He does not deserve my hugs...yet u__u ). :DDD Mostly, I am just really a very happy person. :D ♥

I am part of the Dueling Club, the Library Club, and the Charms Club, so please come and say hi if you see me! :)) Everyone can reach me at my journal or at #chocojiyeon~ I promise I will give out yummy fresh-baked cookies I made myself to people who will come and say hi. ^-^ ♥

And! Before I forget. I just want to tell everyone that I am not responsible for turning Professor Snape's hair blue last semester. u__u That was a different girl who is from the same year, the same House, the same age, and who looked exactly like me. u__u okay that was me, i am sorry please do not tell professor snape .__. *hides*
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Ze introduction.


My name is Lee Hongki, 15 years old and from la France. Lived there for... so long and my accent is still very heavy, I am sorry. I will repeat if you need it... or not? I was raised as a Muggle (and I am proud to say it) till only a few years ago when I went to my first wizardry school... And now, a new school.... I study basic healing! Because I always seem to fall because I can get klutzy, so, healing is definitely good, oui... I joined clubs, too! Le charms club! And zat... 101 broom closet thing, because I am curious. I don't understand it, though, I'll figure out later. Oh, and le Quidditch, I love it. I want to play it if I'm allowed to, s'il vous plait!

If we talk about non-wizard related stuff I like, it is definitely la musique. I sing all ze time! I also like eating good food with people I get along with. Good jokes are cool, and so is meeting people.... and taking pictures of myself.

Talking about pictures. Are you curious about what I look like? Yes?? Okay. Here.

Zis is moi!

And this is how you reach me! liveforyoursong or #liveforyoursong Owls are popular in here, too, right? Anyhow, I am very open to speaking to anyone! ... Read zis as 'Talk to me, s'il vous plait. I am a new guy and I want to know people.'.

i come from the birginia.

Uhh SO, hey, I'm sure you've heard "Since everyone is doing it I thought I would too" more than once, but once more doesn't hurt, right?

I'm Park Yoochun, 5th Year-- Ravenclaw, for some reason. I dunno, I'm pretty laid back, even if that's a typical thing to say. I take Arithmancy to keep myself occupied and Divination to slack off, and magical creatures as well. Also, I'm part of the Library Club, so I'm there most of the time if you want to drop by.

Alternatively, hit me up at #youre a loveable. A testament to my amazing skills in the English language. /sob

Here's a picture so you know how to spot me:

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I've been here for a little bit and I guess it's time to introduce myself.

I'm Park Gyuri, a 5th year Slytherin. Us sneaky little things..
I'm a bit of a camwhore, I usually have it with me everywhere.
I like to eat sweets, so please, keep them away from me.
I'm nice... sometimes. Most times. I promise.
I only speak Korean and English, and no I don't play Quidditch. I don't know if I want to..

If you want to talk or hang out, it's princess gyuri
I always have my phone on~

Sorry, no picture this time.
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So alright, I think I've qualified under the fail category.

Or maybe not.

I'm Jung Yunho, Gryffindor, and Quidditch Captain, all that and more. If there's anything else you'd wish to know about me, don't hesitate to come and ask. #set up the fall Or you can ask Jaejoong, since he's pretty much got me in full description like the back of his hand. Plus, there isn't much fun in getting to know each other if I jot down my entire life here, right?

But alright, with that aside, let's get matters down to business. As of now, I've been led to believe by my dear stand-in, that the Gryffindor Quidditch team looks pretty much like this:

1. Jung Yunho
2. --
3. --

1. Kim Jaejoong
2. Kim Taegoon

1. --

1. Kim Taeyeon

And the people who have expressed interest (or so I've heard): Lee Donghae, Yamapi, Sandara Park, Jeon Jihyun, Oh Wonbin

Okay, that's all I could squeeze out of Jaejoong. If I missed anyone, please don't hurt me just comment here, and I'll have you up in no time.

Yeah, that's pretty bad. So! Come one Gryffs! Lets show that courage that we're supposed to be known for! You can come up to me anytime if you're interested in a position. I promise I won't bite, nor will I threaten to hex you if you don't think you're good enough. Just show us what you've got, and we'll see to it that you're made welcome.

So there you have it. A very professional intro right there. Trust me, I'm not professional at all. :]

It's been a long time coming...

Hey Gryffindors. >_> Well I haven't seen our Captain around, and apparently he's got some kind of family issues to deal with, so that makes me...

The Stand-in Captain! 8D

Wow, I know. Who would have thought it.

I've seen some people are interested in joining the team, and if you still are, come talk to me about it. We'll see about a small meeting, and tryouts too some time this week.

In the mean time...

Just to let you know, I'm the Beater. 8)

Nicole time~

Hello Hello Hello~
My name's Nicole Jung and I'm a 6th year Ravenclaw.Pleasure to meet you all.

Ten Facts about Moi
1. English is my first language, Spanish my second, and Korean my third.
2. My favorite animal is a unicorn
3. My favorite color is Rainbow, and yes it is a color.
4. My favorite food is any and everything.
5. I'm not a big fan of quidditch, so don't hold it against me if I find your talk about it boring.
6. I can't ride a broom, properly.
7. I go to Korea every summer.
8. I believe in Divination which is why it's my favorite class.
9. I'm pretty good at Charms.
10. I love you .
I like owls, especially ones sent to nicolejjang or nicole_jjang

Great Toma, yes?

Yo all you gusy there!

It's Ikuta Toma here, a 6th grader Huflepuff (although I was sure that Ravenclaw or Slyterin should suit me better, but never mind). With all my *cough* talents, I join the quidditch team, while trying to improve myself (or perhaps challenging Professor Flitwick) by joining charm clubs. I also take Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy here.

So, if you want to catch me in any ways, contact me over thegreatlawyer or #ikutatomakun

Bai bai~


Heeeeey, I'm Sakurai Sho, a 6th year Ravenclaw.

My electives are Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy, and I'm in Chess Club and Charms Club. I love quidditch, but only to watch. I'm, erm, not very good with heights and kind of freak out when I'm more than ten feet off the ground. >.< I also love music, singing and writing lyrics. My notebooks for boring classes usually contain more scribbled lyrics than actual class notes, but somehow I still manage to do well in classes. XD

I don't know what else to say, so... feel free to message me at sh0beat | passdapen
eyes and lips


Hey thereee ~

The name's Park Jungsu, but please just call me Eeteuk.

I'm a 7th year here, y'know ? It's realy fun here, for those of you that just transferred, since you know.. I am a 7th year, and all >_>;

Okay I'll stop now XD

I'm a Hufflpuff-er.. .. ahaha, that sounds funny XDD; Anyways. :3.

If you ever wanna talk to me, come find me, okay ^__^ ?

I'm in Basic Healing, and in Care of Magical Creatures.
Oh, oh.. I'm in the Charms and Library club, as well ^__^

So yes, i don't know what else I should say.. but.. come talk to me ?

Message me at : eeteuklove 
Call me at : # teukieZAMN