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Renatus Veritas - Rebirth in Truth. An Asian entertainment Harry Potter-verse Roleplay.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter with your favorite Asian stars and idols. This is your chance to explore not only character interaction, but also a magical world where the fabric of reality itself can be altered by your will. You are a student of Hogwarts School, and you have been given the gift of magic. Make good use of it, because it is not only a tool and an ability, but a part of who you are.


No Godmodding! Your muse is only able to control the events of his or her own lives. (If you are unfamiliar with the term please see here for more information)
♦ There shall be no muse death in this community, period.
No metagaming! Don't use information you know as a mun to benefit your muse, or "interfere" in game. (Please see this article for a more detailed description of metagaming.)
Please keep out of character drama to a minimum. We understand that it happens sometimes, but if it does, take it elsewhere. If an extreme case occurs where a third party needs to be involved, please contact a mod and they will use their discretion to handle the situation.
You are only allowed 3 muses max, and only one per group (ex. One mun may not claim both Junsu and Yoochun from DBSK) Note: Under certain circumstances, if a player has been active here for a while and shown that they are responsible enough to carry more than three muses, special permission for more may be granted by a mod.
Type in English, and do it properly. Please do your best with your spelling, grammar, etc. We all make typos, but there is a difference between that and not being able to communicate effectively.
You must to be 14+ to join this community.
♦ Also, all muses need to be 14+ with strict exceptions. Exceptions are given through mods, ask for more information. This means that all students should be in at least their 4th year at Hogwarts.
Friend-lock your entries, and community posts to keep this community viewer friendly.
Be active weekly. But we will only check for at least 2 logs in renveritaslog per month. It doesn't matter when logs are posted or made, as long as they're within the month in question. There will be activity checks and cut lists posted every month, and a reminder a week before that. If you find yourself on that list, you can appeal for any misunderstandings, and have the allotted week to post a log before the final cut.
All LJ based RP threads started on the community should be done in paragraph form.
Please post a haiku (it doesn't have to be an original poem, but it may be if you choose so) somewhere in your claim to prove you've read the rules.
Please attempt to play your character as near to the real as possible. We may be an AU RP, but we ask that you don't deviate from the muse's personality too much. We're going to be democratic about this, and if there's a collective complaint about your muse being too OOC, then you will be warned and if the behavior continues you will be dropped from the community.
Moderators reserve the right to make the final decisions.

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